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At first, it feels as if you must be dreaming. The sense of
dislocation, the giddiness, the feeling of flying rapidly through
space, all add to the unreality. Where are you? What were you
doing a moment ago? These thoughts arise in your mind, as
if you were half-awake, on the borderlands of consciousness.
Perhaps you have been knocked senseless, or poisoned with
some hallucinogenic drug. One thing is certain; you are in a
strange place and you do not remember how you came here.
What you can see before you is as clouded and vague as the
contents of your mind. There seems to be nothing but mist,
swirling in eddies around you, with a suggestion of huge
shapes briefly glimpsed through it. The mist is cold on your
face and with a start you realise that this is no dream. You are
here, physically here in your body, fully dressed and carrying
your equipment. There is wet grass beneath your feet. You
feel no pain, so it stands to reason that you were not knocked
out and dragged here. How, then, did you come to be here?

Alone in the mist, you wonder why you do not feel more afraid.
There is a presence here, something old and comforting, like a
childhood memory.
The mist begins to clear. In the faint light of a new day, you see
the huge forms that you glimpsed before. They are megaliths
– standing stones that tower over you, set into the form of a
circle. This place is achingly familiar to you, yet you have
never been here before. The megalith standing before you has
a rather familiar marking on it, the same as your own, odd birthmark.

Through the thinning mists, you see that you are not alone.
There are others here, and by the look of them, they are as
surprised to find themselves here as you are.

The Host

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